Keep an Eye on the Bonds

With the approach of an important spiral time period, the place to look is obviously the market that is behaving most emotionally and is clearly at a potential price extreme. And right now, those qualities do not describe the stock market.

I think Spiral Calendar analysis is most effective when it operates from both ends and moves inwards. What I mean by this is I could (and used to) calculate as many potential spiral dates for as many markets as possible, which resulted in some extraordinary 'hits' and many other 'non events.' I am interested in what clearly seem to be the important long-term spiral structures, and we've had one due in October that's been on my radar for about a DECADE! But the other effective way to work the Spiral Calendar is to wait until one sees obvious example of irrational, lunatic behavior in the market and then pull out the handy Spiral Calendar calculator and ask - 'where is the SC cluster that could mark the end to this madness?' Now we did that to incredible effect in the crude oil market back in June and July 2008, and the record is right here in the archives for all to read. It was obvious with crude north of $120. a barrel that lunacy was rampant, so we consulted the spirals which then gave us, weeks in advance, two likely dates for a turn on each side of a weekend, and the current all-time high on crude oil was pinpointed TO THE DAY!!!

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