Bitcoin & The Spiral Calendar

Here are some Spiral Calendar relationships over the next few months that could produce tops in Bitcoin.  An earlier post here details potential lows for Bitcoin.

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The first potential top is here and now. Yesterday was the F10 anniversary of the all-time high. Friday is F6 from the May top. Prices are weakening noticeably today.

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Aug 8-11 is a nice golden section formed from the February and June highs.


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A golden section formed from the all-time high last December and the June top falls on the autumnal equinox. The time window for a possible high is September 17-21.

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  1. Hey Chris, looking at this info is it safe to assume that this a potential local high and then have a retest and potential double top in 15-17 days similar to the 11.7k double top and 9.5-9.9k double tops?

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