All About The Buck

At the end of the day, stocks are going to follow dollar yen.

And not much else matters.


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Stronger dollar weakens  collateral value of Japanese and European balance sheets. But the market is simply discounting future money printing.


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S&P breadth remains weak. In fact, breadth around the world is weak now.

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Five Bearish Indications

Five bearish signals in the eMinis in the past two days.

  1. Bearish RSI divergence (yesterday)
  2. Tidal Component turned lower (yesterday)
  3. VIX sell signal (yesterday)
  4. Bearish S&P 500 breadth oscillator divergence (today)
  5. Bearish Range Bust Bar on eMini (today)

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Model Mania

Three interesting charts within for subscribers. I've been working with tidal data. Charts are the tidal component. My classic Solunar Model. And a combined Solunar/Tidal Model.  I'll be updating all the Solunar Models with the first half of 2016's results soon.




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